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How to plan a Live Model Photoshoot

Ok, so you’ve created your product. Blood, sweat and tears (It’s a cliché but it’s true, isn’t it? So (so, so, so, so) much time, money, love, effort, more time, more money, proto type, market research, product testing, more money,… and you’ve finally done it. You have your finished (perfect) product.

So now, naturally comes the marketing. And above all SELLING! Of course you need images of your new baby in order to market and get it out into the big wide world, and most importantly web! But where to start?

Mostly all of our clients come to us and immediately want to book a live model photoshoot. The ultimate way to showcase your product!

Do you know the logistics involved with organising a model photoshoot? Well I’m here to give you a little insight to the exciting process of a live model photography shoot! How we do it at Flat Frog anyway!


  1. Consultation with our studio manager/production manager- You will have a meeting with our team to discuss your requirements, and you will receive a bespoke quote.
  2. Date secured in studio diary.
  3. 1st Model selection- Following the consultation, our team will then search the database for suitable models based on your brand and requirements, *Model selected for casting sheet will based on what you require i.e. jewellery model/fashion model/hand model etc. We will then check their availability for the date required, and whether they would like to be put forward for the casting.
  4. Casting list of suitable models will be then sent to you for you to choose from.
  5. Short list compiled of models.
  6. We will then request additional pictures from short listed models- ie. Real time photos so we can see current hair colour/ photo of hand close up for jewellery model etc.
  7. Model booked for required date.
  8. Our Hair and Make-up artist availability checked for required date.
  9. Hair/Make-up artist booked for required date.

24-48 Hours prior to the shoot we confirm models, make-up artist/hair stylist.

I think it’s important here to mention model fees.

If you have hired models through an agency before you will know that in addition to the model fee, they also add a usage fee which can vary depending on how the images are intended to be used, which platforms the images will be used on, and if you intend to use them in multiple countries. This fee is also required to be renewed each year that you intend to use the images also. With FLAT FROG we have no usage fees. We charge 1 flat fee for our models- and once you have your images, they are yours to be used as long as you wish.

Creative Concepts Package
Some people know EXACTLY what they want from their photo shoot- they have Pinterest boards full of inspiration for set designs, colours, models pose, fashion, hair and make-up…and they need a photographer purely to take the photos. They will direct the models, and photographer to create their vision, And that’s great. But not everyone has the time, creative brain to orchestrate the shoot in this way. And that’s where our creative concepts package comes in handy!
Creative Concepts Package

    1. Pre-production meeting- This is where we discuss everything about the day of your shoot,
    2. Storyboard- Brand portrayal, colours, set design, wardrobe, storyboard, props, accessories, timeline, styling, shoot day running order, Hair/make up ideas, lighting,
    3. Itinerary- Full breakdown and itinerary of shoot day
    4. Ordering- We will take away any added stress by ordering- all wardrobe & props as discussed in the meeting.
    5. Inspo boards- We will provide the Hair and Make-up artist with inspiration boards for the desired look, as well as model poses.

So that’s the logistics taken care of, Next… the shoot.

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