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Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Photography for E-Commerce

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Photography for E-Commerce

Ghost mannequin photography is highly useful for eCommerce. It displays your products in an optimum way.  The idea is to showcase fittings, texture and dimensions of the clothes manufactured by the fashion house. This method is followed to encourage and convince online visitors and potential buyers to make a quick purchase. With the use of equipment like mannequin, clips, pins, two sided tapes, and with the addition of excellent lighting we can create the perfect ghost mannequin image.

What is ghost mannequin photography? – Know the details!

Basically, ghost mannequin photography is a highly revered commercial photography technique followed by small, medium and giant online fashion companies. Also known as invisible man effect, this type of photography involves no human model, instead it uses a mannequin. While the photographers use mannequin during photography, they edit and absolutely remove every visible portion of it in the final image.

The primary purpose of this kind of invisible mannequin photography is to show how a particular piece of clothing would look on a human. It helps customers to visualise themselves in a particular garment and decide to make the purchase.

How does ghost mannequin photography affect my online sales?

Well, if statistics are to be believed then the global fashion eCommerce market grossed £577 billion in 2021 and is expected to significantly raise to reach £1 trillion in 2025. This suggests an overwhelming burst of online fashion stores. To survive and sustain in this cutthroat competition, fashion eCommerce store owner should project their products in the most attractive way possible. They need to exhibit their products in a convincing manner to increase their sales. And ghost mannequin photography proves spot on for it.

Business benefits of invisible mannequin photography:

3D photography entices customers like nothing else!

The customer is at the centre point of any business that deals with sales. Apart from manufacturing, the primary goal of such businesses is undoubtably to grab the attention of their target audience. This needs to be done with absolute proficiency to get the desired results. Invisible mannequin photography does that for the fashion eCommerce retail stores. The 3D images of clothes engage the customers, convinces them and lures them to make a purchase, which is the end goal of the business.

It is the best form of marketing for small and medium sized fashion businesses:

Marketing a wearable product requires models. This could be an expensive affair for small and medium sized companies. It may inflate the marketing budget and is not suitable for new born companies and startups. In that case, choosing a ghost mannequin photography service proves not only to be a cost effective solution but it drives the customers and boosts sales without much effort or expense. It is undeniably a front runner for fashion photography.

Gives clear cut impression of the product:

Invisible man photography by using packshot mannequin helps to demonstrate clothes with a 3D effect. Garments are highlighted by hiding and editing the mannequin parts. Specifically displaying proper fitting, colour, curves and dimensions of the product. Such clear cut images captured with adequate lighting helps to assess the look and feel of the clothes. It pushes customers to buy them instantly.

Presents fashionable clothes without discrimination of size , gender and skin colour:

Customers have a strong perspective and opinion about how things should be. They connect with the brand image of a fashion house. When a fashion label presents its clothing line with invisible packshot mannequins, the audience does not get a chance to think about the appearance, or dress size of the model, gender or skin colour. However, If you do have the budget for fashion model photography also, a catalogue of ghost mannequin images and model images are a recipe for absolute success! This is something that Koy Clothing have done particularly beautifully.

Such sensitive approach builds a trust in the brand and illustrates its all-inclusive nature. It is a subtle way of declaring that the brand’s clothes are designed for one and all.

In a nutshell, the use of ghost mannequin technique for e-commerce fashion photography is unquestionably a sure shot success story. By creating an image of human like yet invisible man or woman wearing fashionable clothes, companies can charm their customers with least expense. Moreover, it welcomes all sizes, colour and gender of people without any prejudice, Not to mention it is one of the smartest ways to reveal clothing lines online.

If you are looking for expert ghost mannequin photography services, then you are at the right place. At Packshotpros, we offer best quality of ghost mannequin photography. We have an efficient and experienced team of photographers with an absolute know-how of this kind of camerawork. We are here to serve your clothing lines with the best ghost mannequin effect. To connect, just give us a shout out and will get back to you at the earliest.

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