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The benefits of a studio shoot for model photography

Studio shoots, and shoots on location both have their plus points. There are little limitations of a studio- we can’t build a grand staircase in a castle for your bridal gown shoot…you almost certainly will need to find a venue.

It is important to make sure you have done your research and have all the information up front and ahead of your shoot wherever it may be.

Surprises aren’t always a positive you know! And knowing exactly what kind of hurdles you may be up against, or the limitations of the location must be thoroughly researched.


Here I go into a little detail about why a studio shoot may be the best option (and the most cost effective) for your shoot… for example did you know even a public park has a fee for a photoshoot?



Studio hire costs are considerably cheaper than location shoots. For example, we charge £850 for a full day studio hire and this includes your photographer for the day.

Location shoots can cost anywhere from £800 per day,. This is not taking into account the cost of your photographer for the day. Depending on your budget a studio shoot may be the most cost effective.



Whatever the weather when you book a shoot in a studio it WILL happen. Outdoor focused shoots are almost always weather dependent, the rain can cancel your shoot altogether- a model with wet hair and make-up running isn’t a look! The wind can cause havoc with wardrobe malfunctions, and even a clear sunny day can cause problems for lighting, often the sun can cause awkward shadows, a squinting model with the sun in their eyes is a photographer’s nightmare!



When you book with a studio there are a few perks that may be somewhat tricky with a location shoot. Changing area for model, clothing rail and steamer, coffee machine, toilet facilities, secure premises for high value items. A studio is a very reliable option.



With a host of lighting options studios tend to have the best lighting for your shoot.

You can control the mood of your set from light and bright to deep and atmospheric, and everywhere in-between. Like the weather we have our own climate in the studio- we can create sunshine on a cloudy day or a cosy Christmas morning in August.

The versatility you just can’t rely on with the good old British weather!



We have a plethora of colorama colours to choose from for your backdrop. However, if we don’t have the exact shade for your vision no problem- we can order one in! The studio also boosts 2 exposed brick walls, not to mention multiple textures for background options.


We can also build multiple sets- including a lounge room, bar area, dining room, café, locker room, gym to mention just a few. And if we haven’t made it before we’re always willing to investigate and see if we can create it inhouse for you!


So, there we have it. Whatever you want from your photographic shoot – whether in the studio or on location we can help. Fashion/Jewellery/Product shoots, we have extensive experience for in studio or on location and we’d love to help you if you’ve got a shoot on the horizon!

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