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Top Five Tips to Edit Product Packshot Photography for an eCommerce Website

eCommerce product photography is another enthralling domain that demands attention from photographers. Let us say that you ace product packshot photography and need to use the pics for an eCommerce website. The next inevitable thing that comes into picture is editing the clicks. Well, even the best of product images need a little bit of editing before adding them to the online store. Editing the images is about making them more presentable for a website.

You need best image editing tools and software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Canva, Fotor or Snapseed. Choose anyone of them to create crystal-clear product images that entice customers to make instant purchase. Some of these tools are free and suitable for amateurs while other paid ones are fit for the professionals. Let us share some of the best editing tips to create startling images for an eCommerce site.

Top five tips to create eCommerce ready images:

Focus on colour correction on Packshot Photography

Most eCommerce sites want to present colour variations of the same product. Image editing tools save you from clicking images of different colours of the same product. Just a single coloured photo can be edited to present the product in several colours. It is a big time saver. Colour correction is also done to add a certain texture, contrast and vibrancy to the image. However, it should be done with a mindset that preserves the authenticity and originality of the product. So, do not augment the colour, just correct it to create a more believable and true-to-the-product picture.

Remove the background

This is done to create sharp contrasting images that highlight the actual product. Images with white background are smaller in size which facilitates quick loading of an eCommerce page. These are some of the technical reasons to remove background even if it is a neat one. You can change backgrounds as per the requirement of the eCommerce product photography. Change the original one with a colour variant or use a transparent one, whichever highlights the product. It gets you the desired attention of the buyer and prompts quick purchase.

Create ghost mannequin effect

Mannequins are used for online apparel sites to show how a particular design of dress will fit to the body. This helps customers to gauge the exact fitting of clothes, but can be distracting at times. To prevent distraction, photo editing tools are used to create a ghost mannequin effect. All you need to do is remove the model or mannequin with a relevant editing tool and just display the clothes in the image. eCommerce product photography requires this in post photography stages to present clothes in an appealing yet non-distracting manner.

Create mirror effect for the product in your packshot photography

Mirror reflection gives an outstanding appeal to product images. Capturing the mirror effect requires reflecting surface and other arrangements, but editing tools can do that without any hassles. It creates an eye pleasing and more relatable image. Add mirror reflection in the frame of the already clicked image and you have a startling image, ready to launch. Mind well that it is suitable only for a certain types of products and not all of them. Apply mirror effect only when it contributes to a more realistic and genuine product pic.

Create 3D view of the product on the editing table

Another important aspect of eCommerce product photography is to showcase all the facets and sides of the object. This helps the customer gauge the design from all rims. Basically, display products in a 3D image format. This can be done by taking multiple images from all angels and then editing them for colour correction. Instead, you can use a fine photo editing tool to create a more believable, 3D image that shows the volume of the product. You can use Adobe Bridge, 3D Photo Maker etc. to convert 2D images into 3D pics. This is very useful in packshot photography and eCommerce products.

To sum up, you need to have the basic knowledge of editing software or hire professionals to create matchless images. Editing helps a big deal whether you are into packshot photography or other forms of product photography. Without taking away any credit from your photographic skills, it is advisable to invest in professional editing services. It saves time, effort and hassle for creating smart images. Even a genius photographer needs help from the editing table at some stage. So, think about it.

Having said that, if you are looking for the best professionals for eCommerce product photography, then Packshotpros is the answer. We have an experienced team with a very strong portfolio. Let us manage the photography part while you take care of the rest of your business goals. Feel free to give us a shoutout for project discussion!

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