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Invisible Mannequin Photography- What is it?

Invisible mannequin photography is a great way to show off your fashion on your e-commerce website.

This technique involves dressing a mannequin in your garment- and then in the editing process we remove all traces of the mannequin leaving behind an image of your garment that perfectly represents how your product fits in the form of a 3D image

If you’re thinking of doing invisible mannequin photography for your brand but have some questions or need some tips on how to make sure it goes smoothly, then read on!

What does invisible mannequin photography cost?

Invisible Mannequin is one of the most cost effective ways to produce images of your garments. Prices start from £12 per image- for fully edited front, back and detail images. Compared with a model photoshoot which typically starts at £1200 for half day (including model fee/make-up artist/studio/photographer)

How many garments can I send to you?

As many as you like! We can produce up to 100 garments in a full-day session. Compared with a model photoshoot which we can typically shoot 50 garments in a full day studio session

The right fit for the mannequin!

Make sure you have the correct size garment to fit the mannequin. Of course, clothes can be pinned to be the exact fit- but the better the garment fits to the mannequin, the better the final image will be. Don’t rely on “small/medium/large” you need to check the mannequin size guide against your garment’s measurements.

How long does it take to get my images?

We ask for garments to arrive 2 days prior to your shoot session. This is so we can unpack, hang, steam/press your garments so they are ready for their debut on the mannequin.
Once we have shot your images- they go to the editing suite, and we aim to get your images back to you within 5 workdays.

Are there any negatives to Mannequin photography?

It is a fantastic way of showcasing your garments without prejudice. Some consumers can be a little put off by viewing garments on models – perhaps they’ll compare their body size, hair colour, skin tone, age, against that of a model- posing the questions in their head “Maybe that’s not for me” viewing a garment on a mannequin, there is no comparison- just the garment seemingly floating in mid-air.
However, some people think invisible mannequin can be a little plain if alone on your e-commerce website, no personality is visible, no aspiration to wear the garment. Seeing the garment on a model can bring it to life.
If In doubt… schedule both photoshoots! Then you can please all your consumers by having both model photography and invisible mannequin side by side!

Get in touch now to discuss how invisible mannequin can help you!

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