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How a Model Adds Value to Jewellery Photography

Jewellery photography is another kind of art that requires an eye for details, effective use of lighting and a genuinely creative mindset. A live model adds more value to this kind of photography. A model creates an authentic appearance and gives a glimpse of how a particular piece of jewellery will actually look and feel. Luxury jewellery industry thrives on this aspect to create a loyal customer base. It is the best form of marketing for an industry that sells pricey pieces of jewels. Once people relate to the jewellery and the brand, it becomes easier to sell expensive jewels without much ado.

Why use live model for jewellery photography?

Using a model helps to gauge the look and feel of the jewellery

Unlike using mannequin for jewellery photography, live models generate a more relatable quality. A well clicked picture of a model wearing a particular piece of jewellery helps a potential customer to figure out the actual appearance of the product. Once satisfied with the overall vibe of the jewellery, a visitor can easily decide to make a quick purchase or not.

Using a Jewellery Model highlights the finer details

People have a habit of trying jewellery pieces in a walk-in store. For example, you get a better idea about a necklace, once you slide it across the neck and check in the mirror. When online, a live model does that for you. A nicely captured image of a model wearing a necklace helps to check the minutest detail of the necklace. Visitors can zoom the image and see the intricacies of the design, finish, texture and the whole appeal. Even a short video clip does wonders.

Bridges the gap between the jewellery and customers

Live model photography done by an experienced, professional photographer, helps to minimize the distance between customers and sellers. It helps to grab full attention of the visitors and even allures them to make a purchase. For this reason, online stores and websites rely heavily on live models over mannequin photography for jewellery. Eventually, it drives better sales and higher revenue.

Helps to create a loyal customer base

It is often observed that people get addicted to a certain brand and stick to it for years. This happens when you offer the best products with zero compromise on the quality. Jewellery brands can achieve the same level of fan following with the help of live model photography. Customers get attached to the relatability factor and engaging appeal of the products. They come back to the same site whenever they need new, refreshing jewellery. The purpose of live model photography is to create this kind of engagement.

Using a model for jewellery photography supports brand establishment

Live model photography for jewellery helps to connect customers to the brand. High quality images of models wearing exclusive range of jewellery helps to draw customers to the brand, without extra efforts. This form of marketing works for all jewellery brands, luxury or startups with elegant jewellery products. Live models add grace and elegance to the overall picture. Basically, customers get attracted to the vibe of the brand and therefore, connect with it. So, brands choose models instead of mannequin for jewellery photography.

Having said that, there are few drawbacks of live model photography as well. Like people may not relate to the product because of the model. The model many draw more attention than the product itself. Still, it works out better in the larger picture than mannequin for jewellery photography.


To sum it all up, choose a professional photographer and live model to present jewellery. It has more merits than drawbacks. It presents more chances to earn loyal customers. It also plays a huge role in establishing the brand and earn huge revenue as a final result.

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