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Ghost Mannequin Images

The use of an Invisible Mannequin or Ghost Mannequin is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to display garments online. The magic of the ghost mannequin is in the editing. We set and photograph your garments on our unique mannequin, and finally we remove the mannequin in post production.

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Flat Frog decided to take ghost mannequin photography a step further, after years of frustration with ‘off the shelf mannequins’ we had our invisible mannequins custom designed. Our ghost mannequins have 22 removable parts from the neck all the way to the inner thigh.

These removable parts mean we can create unique images of your clothing and show so much more than just the lining in the collar. If you have a beautifully detailed lining to your jacket, the studio team can remove sections on the mannequin to ensure your detail is visible to the consumer

We can show the entire inside of jackets, and coats. Even cardigans, and shawls. Also, our mannequins can display jackets open, and again due to our unique removable parts we can display garments at eye-catching angles, to really showcase your garments. We always welcome client input and encourage you to send through to us any examples you may have of how you’d like your images to look.

We will then send you an amendment brief for anything you may wish to edit before sending the images to the editing suite.

Our team of editors are highly experienced and work exclusively on invisible mannequin imagery. Our team will remove any creases or folds in post-production, and can straighten and add symmetry to your garments, even removing elements of fabric that you do not want to be visible- labels for example. The style of editing is always down to you- and we will provide you with samples of the edit to approve to ensure we deliver images that exceed your expectations.

And finally, we will deliver your beautiful images to you digitally via dropbox
And as ever we will ensure your images are of the highest standard.

From the initial consultation for your ghost mannequin shoot, to the moment we deliver your final edited images, our services are of an excellent standard.


We ensure that we communicate with you throughout the entire process, keeping you updated every step of the way. We give you instant access to your images as they are shot and can supply you with samples for approval.

Our studio team are always on hand to assist you with any queries you may have. And will endeavour to assist you with every aspect of the shoot, when booking through to delivering your final pictures.

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