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A great jewellery packshot is integral to your social media, and digital marketing.

It isn’t just a way of showcasing your beautiful product, it can also increase sales. From multi-stacked images to super 8k quality, we can provide your business with jewellery packshots that command the attention of your customers and increase conversion rates.

In simple terms, make your viewer “add to basket”!

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We’ll deliver your items back to you and send your edited images via Dropbox.

Taking a great picture of jewellery can be extremely difficult. The sheer nature of jewellery is that pieces are incredibly shiny, and reflective of light, and often very small.

Even the most experienced of photographers can find the task daunting, mainly due to the shine precious metals can give, the quality of gem or the scintillation of a diamond making it tricky to photograph.

In order to take a great photo of jewellery, you need an experienced photographer, but also, it’s imperative that your photographer understands jewellery. And this is exactly what sets us apart from the rest.

Founder and Director of Flat Frog Films, James Russell has over 20 years’ experience in the jewellery industry. He is a GIA certified jeweller, and he has also run multiple jewellery stores. Not only that, he has launched numerous jewellery ranges and he was a presenter on a UK jewellery-shopping channel.

Combining his in-depth knowledge of jewellery, gemstones and diamonds, with his passion and flair for photography, James, time and time again, produces exquisite jewellery photography like no other.

Photography and editing are subjective- we take great care to ensure that our levels of communication with you are of the highest level. From the initial consultation discussing your brief, through to the staging process- sending you raw images to ensure we are hitting your brief- to finally sending you edit samples for your approval. We work hard throughout the journey to ensure that you are involved and happy with the work we produce for you.


We begin each jewellery shoot in the same way, by cleaning each piece, before staging it in our studio.


We use mid format cameras and a system called ‘Photo Stacking’ to capture the detail from front to back. This enables us to take up to 20 separate images at different focal lengths.

Next, we use a piece of software to combine all the images, creating one razor-sharp image.

Finally, each image is sent to our editors to be cut out and edited to perfection.

We have our own team of Jewellery specialised editors all of whom have a minimum of 3 years jewellery editing experience to ensure the edit process continues our excellent standard.

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