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How Lighting Can be a Game Changer in Packshot Photography!

Photography is about immortalizing an object in the form of image. It is about presenting a product in all its glory and include package information to push the customer for an eventual purchase. In this form of photography, the product is made to look attractive with wonderful play of lights around it. It requires the right kind of lights, some artistic skills, knowledge of the positioning of light with reference to the product and experience of photography.

Top Five Tips for Perfect Lighting in Packshot Photography:

Background and lighting are the two important aspects to work upon while taking still images of the product. The idea is to highlight the product colour with a contrasting background and make it emerge beautifully with the right alignment of lights. This is the basis of packshot advertising, which considers image as the best content to please the customer. After choosing an ideal background, the next area to work on is the lights. Let us check the top five tried and tested formulas for immaculate lighting for packshots.

Choose bigger lights!

Bigger is always better, especially when you work with lights. Broad lights create minimum shadow areas and generate more focus on the main product. These are useful to highlight the design, color, shape and form of the product. If you include the package, make sure that the light is enough to help customer read the details. Very strong light may play down readable instructions and package information. This may spoil the game so, choose bigger lights and position them well to spotlight both, the product and the package.

Minimize the distance between backlight and product!

As packshot photography is about capturing products, an impressive final image is the main goal. Product photography gets a boost when there is a minimum distance between backlight and product. It is done with an intention to brighten and accentuate the product. With such an arrangement of light, the camera can capture the product in a much better way. So, place the backlight as close to the object or product as possible.

Wisely position the front light!

Front lights are used to grant a certain quality and texture to the product. It also conceals the trivial yet noticeable flaws found on the product. Basically, front light should be used wisely to hide the blemishes and play up the product and package. Keep at a neat distance so that the product and package are nicely visible.

Use split lighting for artistic purpose!

The split lighting technique works best when you want to show certain portions of the product in light and others in dark. This creates a visual treat with a brilliant play of lights. Used wisely in packshot photography, this technique creates some astonishing shots with absolute focus on the product and its styling. While experienced photographers can do this easily, amateurs can polish their skills by working on this method.

Natural photographs are the best in some cases!

At times, a product looks best in natural light. It may not need additional lights that may engulf its beauty. Some products and packages look excellent in natural light, so, tune into it. For example, images captured with a nice play of sun and shade with object at the centre, creates a dramatic effect. Therefore, it is advisable to check that in the first place. Do explore the idea of using natural light for a particular product image capture.

To conclude, no one can deny the importance of lighting in photography, of any kind. Whether you are new to camera or a seasoned photographer, lights are your biggest help, specifically when it’s about packshot photography. The intensity and angles should be checked to grab flawless product photos. The ultimate advice is to try out different styles, work on finer details, practice out-of-the-box techniques and check for yourself.

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